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# # Re-route all signals to these pins # Re-route all signals to the adaptor pins obj-y +=../../common/adaptor.o The present invention relates to a process for preparing phthalate-free lacquers and dried lacquer film compositions. It is known that lacquers containing phthalate esters are cured only inadequately and are therefore susceptible to premature aging. This problem is encountered especially when processing films containing relatively large amounts of plasticizers. To avoid the disadvantages inherent in the use of phthalates as plasticizers, attempts have been made in the past to replace the phthalate esters with other plasticizers such as the esters of phosphoric acid, triphenyl phosphates or amines. These plasticizers likewise have disadvantages. While, for example, phthalate esters of phosphoric acid produce lacquers which, during the drying process, undergo condensation reactions with free phthalic acid and with the amino groups of the resins present in the lacquers to give substances which, in turn, form insoluble materials with the resins. Phosphoric esters, on the other hand, are attacked by acids which can be found in various resins during the processing, especially when processing films containing polyolefins. Aromatic amines form complexes with the free resins which renders the films brittle. Thus, lacquers which contain phosphoric esters, triphenyl phosphates or aromatic amines also require an additional curing treatment, either through the use of ultraviolet radiation or through a thermally initiated curing process. German Patent Application (Offenlegungsschrift) No. 1,903,734 and U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,535,307 and 3,598,638 also disclose the use of other plasticizers for the preparation of plastics films or lacquers. Thus, these other plasticizers likewise cannot be used in a satisfactory manner without additional curing steps. In the past, attempts have also been made to combine two plasticizers such as phosphoric esters and phthalate esters or phthalate esters and phosphoric esters to prepare an improved lacquer. For example, U.S. Pat. No. 3,670,099 describes a process for the production of a lacquer which contains a phosphate ester plasticizer and a phthalate ester plasticizer. The resulting lacquer




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4m Adapt Fcalc 14 (Latest)
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